OfflineTV has risen to fame in the past year, consisting of major streaming sensations like Pokimane, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, and others. Now, the organization just announced the debut of Hina, its new anime mascot, on Twitter.

From the responses to this tweet, it’s clear that the organization’s top streamers are quite pleased to meet their new anime mascot.

In a tweet following their announcement, OfflineTV honored @106858_, the creator of the anime mascot. The new anime mascot Hina was designed by graphic artist @mazamuno and graphic designer @Melonturtle_, according to the group. Fans and streamers alike came in to show their love and admiration for OfflineTV’s new anime mascot, as expected.

Pokimane, Mizkif, and QTCinderella were among the first streamers to express their enthusiasm for the anime mascot Hina. Many other streamers soon followed suit with their replies, and it’s safe to say that Hina is currently a fan favorite.

OfflineTV fans also chimed in to show their support for the new mascot. Furthermore, anime fans are ecstatic about the organization’s latest acquisition.

The organization also revealed some information about Hina, its new anime mascot. Hina’s birthdate is July 3rd, and she is said to be 17 years old. Her blood type is O+, and she enjoys a wide range of activities. Hina appears to be a likable character who is already well-liked within the streaming community. We should expect to see a lot more of this mascot in the near future.

Members of the group have been pretty busy recently, aside from presenting their new anime mascot. They recently attended Ludwig and QTCinderella’s Sh*tcamp event, which included xQc, Adept, Mizkif, Maya Higa, and others. Pokimane, Sykkuno, and a few others recently assisted Valkyrae in shooting the promotional film for her goods line, which has already proven to be a big hit.