Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa’s marriage to her longtime partner may have been abusive, shocking the entire streaming industry. Sweet Anita has expressed her opinion about the scenario.

Although a vociferous minority has claimed that Amouranth isn’t at all a victim and should be punished for “lying” to her male admirers about her relationship status, many powerful figures have come out in support of her.

Some contend that she successfully persuaded guys to contribute to her by her acts. However, Amouranth revealed during her confession on Twitch that she wanted to stream with her husband but that he made her keep it a secret. In any case, the controversy raises the question of why content producers even need to disclose followers’ relationship status and other private information in the first place. On October 16, 2022, streamer Sweet Anita defended Amouranth by stating why women shouldn’t have to disclose their romantic relationships to their male fans. 

Men stop following women like Amouranth after they learn that they are not single because it “saps the entertainment” out of watching someone they find attractive or have a crush on, Sweet Anita said in her opening statement. They begin to feel rejected as they begin to compare themselves to her spouse. 

Sweet Anita tweeted; “You can’t exploit or abuse a man by keeping your relationships to yourself. You have a right to privacy. I hope the women of twitch know this despite the noise. You can’t rob men (at) boob point. The sub was VOLUNTARY. They can’t buy your solitude if you never offered it.”

Sweet Anita went on to describe it as “coercive, delusional, and abusive” to think that a contribution should compel a woman to conceal her sexual orientation or keep quiet about it. Sweet Anita continued; “Stop normalizing men trying to coerce and control women’s relationships with money, then acting like the victim when it doesn’t work. You can’t own a woman and her private life for £5. Stop telling women they deserve abuse if you can’t buy singleness or sex from them.”

Following her outburst, Sweet Anita tweeted a poll asking the streaming community if they thought streamers should reveal their relationship status to viewers. With nearly 90,000 votes cast, 91.4% of participants agree that streamers shouldn’t be required to disclose their relationships in public. However, a minority contingent of respondents claimed that women shouldn’t pose as unmarried in order to “squeeze money” from male followers. Others swiftly criticized these remarks, claiming that female streamers don’t ask for money or do anything in return. Some people said that it is “twisted” to conceal a relationship in order to make money, but others countered that a streamer’s personal life is none of their business.

Amouranth has been quiet on social media since the frightening stream depicting her husband’s assault and threats.