Despite always enjoying Respawn’s battle royale, FaZe Clan streamer NICKMERCS has explained why it took him so long to become addicted to Apex Legends.

While NICKMERCS rose to fame thanks to his Fortnite skills, he has maintained his following thanks to his skills in Warzone and, more recently, Apex Legends.

Nick hasn’t looked back since switching to Respawn’s battle royale a few months ago, and his streaming charisma and impressive gameplay continue to draw in thousands of viewers. He was so good that he was promoted to Apex Predator.

However, as he explained during a November 26th live stream, the transition wasn’t easy or quick for the former 100 Thieves member.

On Apex, Nick referred to himself as a “trashcan” because of the poor quality of his early streams. It was only after weeks of grinding to improve that he began to appreciate the BR more and more.

He claimed that when Apex Legends first came out, he was terrible at it, and that his chat proves it. He’d explain Apex to people as if it were the only shooter I’d ever played that I wasn’t particularly good at.

In comparison to Apex Legends, all other shooters, it was only a matter of time before he figured it out.

He went on to say that when he finally tried it again, he was hooked, and he doesn’t know why – maybe because it’s harder to get good at and there’s a steep learning curve – because he used to have sponsored streams and he’d be so bad.

Apex’s learning curve is unquestionably steeper than that of other games such as Call of Duty. Its unique movement system and Legend abilities mean there’s a lot for new players to learn, but there’s also a lot to enjoy once they do.

Nickmercs has stuck around because of this, despite his initial struggles to adjust.