Twitch streamer and political commentator HasanAbi, recently had an interesting flashback while opening gifts during a stream. A box of fellow streamer Valkyrae‘s RFLCT skincare product was one of the items left in Piker’s PO box over the last nine months. While it’s not as dramatic as when Piker was banned from Twitch, it’s an awkward reminder of Valkyrae and Ideavation Labs’ disastrous collaboration.

Valkyrae has yet to comment on the unpleasant memory that surfaced in Piker’s stream, despite the fact that she confirmed what fans suspected earlier this year by leaving Twitch to focus on YouTube. Piker appeared unsure of what to say after grabbing the box, and his suspicions were confirmed.

Valkyrae’s skincare line went viral for a controversial reason, for those who are unaware. Late last year, Valkyrae announced her collaboration with Ideavation Labs to create the RFLCT skincare line. RFLCT claimed to be able to help reduce the skin damage that blue light is said to cause. With a large gaming audience following her and, of course, the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone, the partnership made sense.

Many people, however, were baffled by the product itself. Those opposed to the product claimed that RFLCT was selling an expensive solution to a non-existent problem based on pseudoscience research. Many fans were offended by RFLCT’s suspicious-sounding “BLPF” or blue light prevention factor technology, and Valkyrae was soon accused of helping to launch the product. Despite the product’s obvious silliness, the scandal was tragic for Valkyrae, who appeared to be suffering from mental illness as a result of the aggressive backlash. The streamer even admitted to going to therapy to help her get back on track and get the help she required.

Following HasanAbi’s stream reveal of the opened RFLCT box, HasanAbi and his viewers joked that the now-discontinued skincare line could be considered a collectible and could be worth something in the future. Of course, it remains to be seen whether a product that was not particularly valuable to fans when it was announced will be valuable in the future, but stranger things have happened. For starters, there’s a Zelda game copy that’s more valuable than your car.