Twitch streamer AdmiralBahroo recently apologized after he was linked to claims made by dozens of other VTubers about community figure Bunny Ayu’s “harassment, manipulation, and abuse.” He abruptly ended his 19-day subathon after the allegations surfaced.

A popular independent VTuber, Bunny GIF AKA Bunny Ayu recently issued a statement on Twitter last March 16th asking “anyone with animosity toward me from the past” to come forward and have “tough conversations.”

What the VTuber didn’t expect was for a slew of people to come forward with allegations of “harassment, manipulation, and abuse” that dated back to before she became a VTuber.

Bunny allegedly failed to fulfill her business obligations and then talked behind her back to other creators, according to LaynaLazar, who worked with Bunny to design a figure to sell.

Creators like ImSinnocent, Meowri, Bunny’s former partner Susu, Sam ‘Strippin‘ Thorne, and others shared their own stories about working with the content creator.

AdmiralBahroo, a popular Twitch streamer turned VTuber, has been drawn to that last one. Following the cancellation of Bunny’s figure, Layna took a break and returned to streaming, where she learned that Bahroo was also defaming her behind her back.

Layna’s claims were initially disputed by Bahroo, who asked not to be “dragged into your petty squabbles.” However, Layna’s claims were later backed up by Strippin, who claimed to be the close friend mentioned.

On January 25th, he shared a DM he had with Bahroo. This prompted Bahroo to issue his own statement, expressing regret to Layna, the other victims, and Strippin.

He also admitted that he needed to recognize that the power of his platform — which has over 850,000 Twitch followers — can harm smaller creators.

After Strippin’s Twitlonger, Bahroo, who was 19 days into a subathon, abruptly ended his stream and offered refunds to fans who donated during that time.

Despite the allegations, he intends to continue streaming.

On March 18, Bunny Ayu responded to the allegations, admitting she was “sassy and abrasive,” but claiming that “many things were taken out of context.”