Alchamee is on hand to assist young sprouts in their quest to become full-fledged Warriors of Light.

Final Fantasy XIV Online has grown in popularity so much in the last year that Square Enix temporarily halted digital sales and dropped the free trial in order to alleviate traffic issues that peaked with the release of Endwalker. Returning players flocked to Eorzea to see the climactic conclusion to the current story arc, while thousands of new players chose to join the fun by creating their own Warriors of Light.

Herds of new characters stabbing their first enemies in starter areas became a common sight throughout last year, earning them the nickname ‘sprouts’ due to the sprout icon above their heads. Learning the ropes can be particularly overwhelming for new players, with ten years’ worth of content to get to grips with, but fortunately, assistance is available.

Alchamee is a Twitch partner who focuses her streams on assisting new players. She began playing Final Fantasy XIV when Shadowbringers was released three years ago, and she began streaming shortly after.

Alchamee focuses on casual content and assists sprouts in acclimating to the game by running daily dailies and Mentor roulettes — a duty system that pairs newbies with experienced players to help them learn all of the fundamentals, particularly the dungeon and trial mechanics.

The tight-knit community of Final Fantasy XIV has always been praised, and it’s great to see Alchamee paying it forward and passing the torch when it comes to inducting new players, who may in turn help future sprouts.

To coincide with the influx of new players, Alchamee’s newbie-focused content has seen a surge in popularity. Alchamee has noticed that many new players appear to be switching from other MMOs like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, and are having trouble adjusting to how different FF14 is in comparison.

Whether you’re an MMO veteran or not, being new to a game as dense and prestigious as Final Fantasy XIV can be a daunting experience. You’re thrown into groups with other players, and most newbies don’t want to let their team down because of their lack of experience.

Over the years, Square Enix has added a number of features to help new players get a better understanding of the game, such as Mentor Roulette, more tutorials, and helpful pop-ups, as well as a focus on making content more accessible to solo players. Alchamee hopes to see more sprout-related improvements in the future.

Alchamee’s community has teamed up with two others to form the Rainberry Pals, a group of content creators dedicated to not only helping each other but also other players in Final Fantasy XIV.

When it comes to MMOs, having a ride or die team by your side can make all the difference, as they not only support you but also make the experience more enjoyable.

If you’re new to the game and need some help getting started, Alchamee’s content can be found by following her on Twitter or watching her Twitch channel. Alchamee also has some beginner tips for all sprouts who are just starting out in Eorzea.