Asmongold was streaming the canvas of popular subreddit r/place on today’s stream when he came across ads for Loopring and Immutable X. The streamer, who isn’t a fan of cryptocurrency or NFTs, called on his viewer base to completely blackout the ads, removing them from the online canvas.

The subreddit r/place began as a social experiment and April Fool’s Day joke in 2017. Reddit users can change the color of one pixel on a large mural, with a five-to-twenty-minute cooldown period. For April Fool’s Day 2022, the subreddit was recently relaunched.

While watching the mural on stream, the internet sensation took issue with some crypto-related ads on the canvas, specifically those for Loopring and Immutable X, and instructed his viewers to replace the ads with black pixels, and to do so repeatedly if they attempted to rebuild the ads.

Later, the crypto-focused subreddit r/superstonk began to host hate threads directed at the popular streamer. Users on the subreddit encouraged each other to send reports to his Twitch account, claiming he was breaking the Terms of Service.

The internet star’s r/place war with r/superstonk drew a flood of responses almost immediately. Because crypto and NFTs are such a divisive topic, especially among gamers, it’s not surprising that this news will cause some consternation.

Fans of the streamer showed up to defend him and mock the crypto subreddit’s hate threads.

While r/superstonk is full of hate, the popular streamer appears to be convinced that he is in the right and has stated that he is more than willing to accept the backlash.