Controversial streamer Niko “Sneako” published his response to being “canceled” after being subjected to a YouTube permanent suspension. Both of his channels were taken off the red platform earlier today.

The YouTube Terms of Service had allegedly been violated “severely” and “repeatedly” by Niko’s channel. Fans have conjectured that although the specific cause of his suspension has not been revealed, it may be related to his close friendship with Andrew Tate. Ironically, major social media sites have embargoed the latter due to his controversial view on women. 

On both his TikTok and Twitter accounts, Niko has already experienced bans. He said this during his third suspension: “It’s a bit of a disappointment”

When Sneako appeared on the Freshandfit podcast after being suspended, he provided his first detailed response. Currently, the group is in London. When discussing his strike, he said: “I grew up on YouTube, I started there when I was 13-years-old, started making videos; nine years of videos on my main channel Sneako, all gone but you can go find them. It’s good that i backed it up on Rumble beforehand.”

Regarding his goals for the future, Sneako added: “I am going to figure out where I’m gonna stream next. I’m thinking about going to Twitch.” Niko made more allusions to businesses attempting to silence him by attempting to ban him from social media sites. He cried out: “So I said I’m not going anywhere, the real people who wanna find me will find me. They don’t want you to be smarter, they want you to be weaker, they want you to be dumber, they wanna take complete control over you, so any information like this, they’re actively trying to silence…”

After making the announcement on his Instagram, he appears to be switching to Twitch.