After Janna’s rework quickly transformed the Storm’s Fury into one of the strongest champions on Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games has released a hotfix for League of Legends enchanter Janna to tone down the support’s power.

Riot finally released Janna’s long-awaited rework in League patch 12.2. The enchanter’s power was shifted from dealing poke damage to a more aggressive shielding playstyle as a result of the changes.

However, the rework gave her more power than she had before. She currently has the highest winrate of all support champions in high elo solo queue, at over 54%.

Because she’s been so successful, players like Twitch streamer Lourlo have popularized playing Janna top lane and using the summoner spell Smite to roam around the map, completely breaking Season 12 solo queue.

Riot is currently rushing out a hotfix to nerf the enchanter, and while it won’t fix Janna’s top lane problem, it will certainly weaken her in her traditional support role.

The League devs released a hotfix nerf on February 4th that targeted Janna’s reworked abilities.

Riot explained their reasoning for nerfing Janna despite hotfixing a Glacial Augment bug that interacted with her Q and R abilities in the nerf notes.

The base movement speed of Janna has been reduced from 330 to 325. With each level, her W base movement speed bonus decreases, and her E enhanced heal & shield reduces from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

Riot clarified that the Janna hotifx was not intended to address her top-lane strategy, promising that the developers are “working on a separate solution for that and will update as soon as we have an accurate forecast.”

While it’s unclear what Riot will do to alter the enchanter top lane meta, it’s possible that Summoner’s Rift will see more significant changes.