Nicholas Kolcheff, better known by his Twitch handle FaZe Nickmercs, is a popular Twitch streamer in the gaming community. Nickmercs’ live streams are one thing that sets him apart from other purple platform streamers.

Nickmercs’ streams are always an emotional roller coaster with a slew of hilarious moments to enjoy. Simply put, he’s regarded as one of the most entertaining streamers on the purple platform.

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Faze Clan’s official Twitter account recently shared a livestream of Nickmercs, in which he can be seen expressing a range of emotions. Fans can see Nickmercs all cocky about his gameplay, flaunting his Apex Legends prowess, and then he’s eliminated in the blink of an eye.

For many fans, Nick is the go-to streamer for Warzone and Apex Legend content, and his tournaments in particular draw a large crowd. Nickmercs is killing it right now, with over 6.3 million Twitch followers and 2 million Twitter followers, and thousands of subscribers to his own tournaments, it’s safe to say he’s not slowing down.