Ashley ‘Rifty’ Mayes, a seasoned UK League of Legends top-laner, will join Valiance in the Esports Balkan League for the Spring 2022 season.

The Esports Balkan League is one of the European Regional Leagues (ERLs) for League of Legends (LoL), alongside the French LFL, Spanish Superliga, and others.

Bulgarian jungler Indecision and mid-laner Lmzs, Swedish ADC Caltys, Croatian sub-ADC Paladin, and Finnish support player Tiara are among Rifty’s teammates. Valiance will be coached by DjiNN, a Greek coach.

Caltys is one of the few female League of Legends players. Sayna, a female ADC in the ERL, will play for Lundqvist Lightside in Division 2 of the Spring 2022 NLC for Lundqvist Lightside.

Women in esports have been a hot topic in the community in recent years, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas, following ESL’s announcement of a new CSGO Women’s Circuit.

Thorin, a British esports personality, went on a Twitter rant over the holidays as the heated debate over ESL’s new CSGO Women’s Circuit raged on.

Vicksy, a female League of Legends streamer from the United Kingdom, competed in the UK/Ireland ESL Prem promotions tournament a few years ago, as well as Twitch Rivals tournaments. Shafu, a female Romanian League of Legends support player, has previously competed in Forge of Champions with the Newcastle Jaguars (now Clique Esports) and the Esports Balkan League with Team Nerotec.