Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on October 26, 2018 and is Rockstar Games third installment of their American Western historical fiction-based franchise. The game is set in 1899 as a prequel to their original Read Dead Redemption title. It is an action adventure designed to offer gamers an open world action-adventure experience. As with many other RPGs, this game offers an over-arching storyline that is influenced by the decisions that the player makes during missions and in their interactions towards NPCs.


Red Dead Redemption 2In Red Dead Redemption 2, players take on the roll of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang. Morgan is trying to settle down with his family and pay off his ranch. However, due to unfinished business with a vengeful victim of one the Dutch Van der Linde gang’s ferry heists and his cronies, as well as his mortgage payments, Morgan is motivated to return to his life of crime.

Other threats include wild animals, bounty hunters as well as lawmen from three separate states who are after them for various offences. Once the over-arching story-line is complete, players will be able to free roam, as well as access John Marston, from the original game, as a playable character. Morgan is also a colorful character who doesn’t shy away from cruel actions and threats, despite his role as a father and mainstay of a home.

The range of the game is pretty impressive, as it spans across five fictitious states, with varying landscapes and developments, including forests, bayous, mountain trails, deserts, cities and towns. Furthermore, characters will need to eat, but what they eat and how much they eat can lead to wait gain or loss, so players will need to monitor the both the quality and quantity of food consumed, as well as regular meals.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Players can choose either a first- or third-person perspective, as well as solo- or multiplayer modes. As the game centers around the lives of outlaws, Morgan will be given the opportunity to accept various heists and jobs to earn money to pay of his ranch, and support both his family and gang. They can also roam solo, which can be challenging, as there are rival gangs and outlaws throughout the various areas in the game.

However, not all activities entail dirty gains, as characters an opt to hunt and fish to gain resources and money. This will enable them to either sell their acquisitions or craft the skins and objects into new items for their gang’s encampment. Playing solo also doesn’t preclude adventuring with other gang members.

Players will need to hone their skills on all levels, as they will need to be prepared for close contact battles, shoot-outs, and knife-fights. They will also be able to explore the landscape, trap creatures, bounty hunt and interact with various NPCs, thereby creating a diverse set of relationships and an authentic world and story building experience.

Part of this includes the choices that the player makes. They don’t need to escalate every conflict, nor to end interactions on bad terms. Players can therefore decide whether to form Arthur into an honorable person or villainous character. Either way, he will still retain a degree of ambiguity, given his relationships with his fellow gang-members and family, as well as his status as an outlaw.

Morgan can also foster a positive a positive or negative relationship with his horse, based on his interactions with it. Grooming, feeding and petting the animal will create a strong bod between the player and the animal, but abuse or neglect can cause problems down the line. Players can also own and foster relationships with a number of horses, some of which are more suitable for certain tasks than others. This adds a degree of realism, as some will be better suited as weight-bearers, while others will be better suited for pursuits or long-distance journeys and exploration.

Time and Apparel

An interesting aspect of the game is that time and activities have a visible impact on the characters. For instance,  Red Dead Redemption 2 features hair and facial hair growth over time. This allows players to customize their appearances at the barbershop, as well as the need for baths after strenuous activities such as hunting, which allow the players to change, or potentially discourage social interaction with NPCs. Or possibly encourage some humorous cut-scenes when Morgan arrives back to camp. Characters will also be influenced by weather and climate, with unsuitable clothing impacting their mobility. This is significant, given the scope of the game’s world.

Players will be able to sow time to align shots or can simply try to fight under pressure. This will influence gameplay and progress, as well as give newer players the opportunity to gain skills.


Red Dead Redemption 2 looks set to offer RP gamers, shooter Read Dear Redemption fans a fun and diverse gaming experience. The of actions and accountability promote realism and offer something for gamers favoring all styles of gameplay and moral preferences. It is unlikely to be around for the long-haul, but it will certainly be fun while it lasts.