Ready Or Not will get a big update in January, and laid out what fans can expect.

Void Interactive said it was “incredibly humbled and grateful for all the support and attention Ready Or Not has received” in a Steam blog post last week (December 31st), and revealed that more content is coming out this month.

The R7, MK.15, Krinkov SLR, and MK1 BCM are among the new weapons, as are updated models for several pieces of equipment.

Four of Ready Or Not’s maps will also be updated to include new game modes. Hostage Rescue at Caesar’s Cars, Active Shooter and Hostage Rescue at Wenderly Hills Hotel, Raid on 213 Park Homes, and Bomb Defusal at Port Hoken are just a few examples.

Along with all of the new content, Ready Or Not is getting a makeover to get rid of some old material. Voice lines from the “legacy” will be removed, while civilians will receive more lines. Finally, the Tactical Operation Command will have a new voice actor.

Testing for several different language localizations will be made available elsewhere in the update. There will also be improved in-game communication, reworked rules of engagement penalties, and other changes.

Team17, the publisher of Void Interactive, parted ways with the company in December. It was speculated that this was due to Void Interactive’s plans to add a school shooting level to the campaign, and that both sides “mutually agreed that Team17 will no longer publish Ready Or Not.”

In other news, the free Twitch Prime games for January have been revealed. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Two Point Hospital, and seven other games are available to subscribers.