Imane “Pokimane,” a Twitch star, returned to the live streaming service on November 6 following a six-day absence. The streamer gave the audience a health report before starting Genshin Impact.

Pokimane acknowledged that she has not been feeling well and that she is investigating the cause. The Moroccan-Canadian individual said: “It’s very, very odd symptoms that I’m really, really not used to experiencing. Like me? Headaches? I don’t think really get headaches. And like, waking up tired? That’s not normal.” 

The co-founder of OfflineTV mentioned that two weeks prior to the 19-minute mark of Imane’s November 6 show, she was “feeling amazing.” But then, things started to become “weird.” She uttered: “I’ve been feeling kind of weird recently, and I’m trying to figure out why. Because I was feeling really amazing two weeks ago, and I thought that my issue… was just the travel to New York. But I think I’m realizing that’s not it. Also guys, when you’re in your 20s, you’re not old! You should not be experiencing such symptoms in your 20s. That’s not normal! Stop normalizing it!” 

Pokimane then made the assumption that her health issues might have been caused by a hormone supplement that had been supplied by a doctor. She insisted that she was not accustomed to having these symptoms and that they were “very odd.” The streamer was asked by viewers if she ever got migraines. Answering, the 26-year-old said: “Like, legit once a year. But recently, yeah. I don’t know. Recently I have this like, dull; I had a headache like, four days ago, and I had this. Ever since then, I have this like, dull feeling in my head. Like, if you’re going to have caffeine free, but I’m not! Things like that. It’s weird.”

She should stop using the prescription hormones, Pokimane said. She expressed her worries by saying: “Yeah, I’m going to stop for a week and see if I feel better. My only concern is like, I looked it up and sometimes if you stopped taking certain hormones like, it’s not good. You can go through withdrawl. But I’ve only been taking it two weeks. So I’m hoping it’ll just be fine. Surely it’s going to be fine, right?” 

Two weeks, according to viewers, is a long time. In response, Pokimane said that everything would be alright and added: “Guys, I’ve heard of seasonal depression. But I’ve never ever experienced that. I think I am relatively in tune with my body. Like, I really know it’s normal and I know it’s not. And I know that this is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. But also, I’m taking supplements I’ve never taken before.”