One of the most popular Twitch streamer Imane Anys AKA Pokimane is the 3rd most-watched female Twitch Streamer for the past week (September 20-26), read nore who is #1.

Anys, Imane Pokimane is one of the most well-known female streamers on the internet.

She is streaming again after taking a long break at the end of August. Her stream is very popular with both fans and players. In the recent week, her stream set a new high. So, today we’ll discuss Pokimane’s position as the third most watched female Twitch Streamer in the last week, while Amouranth rose to #1.


Pokimane is a well-known streamer on Twitch. She has a sizable following. She has almost 8 million Twitch followers, almost 6 million Instagram followers, and over 6 million Youtube subscribers.

She primarily streams Valorant. Imane even stated that the game had become addictive to her. Her admirers are responsible for who she is now. Her feed is seen by a large number of people all around the world. That’s why, for the past week, she’s ranked third among the most-watched female Twitch streamers.


Amouranth had a watch time of almost a million hours last week. Her total airtime was 85 hours and 55 minutes. Pokimane, on the other hand, had a watch time of 364k. Fans may think this is a small number, but consider that Imane Anys’ airtime was only 22 hours and 40 minutes, demonstrating how popular she is.

They are the female streamers’ front runners. In the image above, you can see the top 10 most watched female Twitch streamers for the past week (September 20-26). It was all about Amouranth and Pokimane in this story. Stay up to speed on all Pokimane news by following us on Twitter.