Poke, a Twitch streamer, was playing some quick Fortnite games today to see what the new update had to offer.

He matched with a young kid while playing the game with random people. Their endearing interaction was entertaining to watch.

Throughout the game, he was encouraging the streamer with kind words. With the help of the kid’s encouraging words, they were able to win their match.

With cheers, Poke and the kid congratulated each other on their joint achievement. After they had celebrated their victory, the child expressed his desire to continue playing with the streamer. Poke quickly came up with an excuse that left the former speechless, not wanting to hurt the former’s feelings with an outright refusal.

The kid lets out a shocked “What?!?” before being disconnected from the match as a result of this response. Poke bursts out laughing, both at the absurdity of his own excuse and at the prospect of the kid thinking about the match for an extended period of time.

The streamer laughed aloud and joked that the latter would go to school and tell all of his friends that he had played with someone who had been arrested.

Pokelawls then continues to play the game with strangers, but nothing compares to this hilarious moment, and his deft maneuvering to avoid hurting a child’s feelings was both amusing and amusing. Poke’s infectious laughter, combined with his outrageous excuse for being arrested and the kid’s stunning response, makes for a perfect clip.

His jokes about how the kid will never forget this match apply to his audience as well, as they will never forget this side-splitting improv comedy moment.