Mixed Games Poker is always evolving. It all started with Five Card Draw before we saw the transition to Seven Card Stud and the introduction of Limit Texas Hold’Em. In today’s game, No Limit Texas Hold’Em is the Cadillac of poker with Pot Limit Omaha coming in as a strong second. So where does that leave the likes of Limit Razz, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and Limit 2-7 Triple Draw?

It’s evident nowadays that these games are not as popular for a variety of reasons. Players may not know the rules, they may dislike the idea of a limit betting structure or just simply that they are not interested in learning new games.

However, when Twitch was launched, a certain Jason Somerville decided to stream some mixed games cash tables within his usual No Limit Hold’Em tournament schedule. Although some of his regular viewers, including myself were not interested in mixed games content, he streamed in a way that was both entertaining and educational whilst introducing new poker variants to the Twitch poker community besides just No Limit Hold’Em.

After Jason’s hiatus from streaming, there was little mixed games content available on Twitch. This made it difficult for viewers and players to engage in other poker variants and is the reason I created the ‘Mixed Games Movement’.

pyefacepoker streamerThe Mixed Games Movement is a community where we collectively enjoy all poker variants from the insane variance of 5 Card Omaha to the sheer entertainment of Badugi. What’s great about our community is that we are all advocates of making mixed games grow both on Twitch and in the general poker community.

Mixed Games Poker Summary

If you want to be an all-round poker player, you must learn how to play mixed games. Instead of learning all the games at once, I would recommend learning one game at a time until you are competent enough to learn the next one. You will be one of a very select few who can walk into any casino and play any game at any time whilst ultimately helping to make mixed games popular as they once were.