Bankroll Challenge


Player: Apachooo

Bankroll Challenge: $100 – $5,000


Bankroll Challenge – Why?

This probably is the first question people would ask. At least people who know me from Twitch streets. I have been “playing” poker since many years back. I would guess on and off about 7- 8 years now. Most forms and many different stakes.

A few years back I found Twitch and Twitch poker. At this stage I was going through a rough stage of my life and I found some laughs on Twitch. I’ve played games all my life; chess and CSGO are probably top 2 besides poker. Been playing CS GO since Version 1.5 for all of you who are familiar with the game. And chess, I guess since childhood, but despite that I’ve never studied the game I just like to play it, and blitz is a favorite form of it.

The strange thing is that even if I watched a lot of streams and study a lot of poker, I really never thought much of these challenges. Even if I did all that, I would deposit, play the games I wanted to play, bust or withdraw and do it all over again.

I’ve always thought I am pretty decent in NLH and of course gotten better, particularly in MTTs.

Then one day it hit me. I asked myself the question.

Can I do it? If so prove it. Not only to yourself but to the Twitch poker community by streaming it. Now this is a big obstacle for me, as I lack on confidence to put myself “out there” but i truly admire all these guys streaming and specially all the people involved in the TwitchNet project. I’m not going to name any because they are to many and also they know who they are.

Money is NOT the goal, it’s the challenge. Climbing the ladder and having fun with these awesome awsome people around me on TwitchNet which I have much love and respect for.

So here we go.

100bi BRM mainly focusing on 45 man $1 SnGs but also 1-2 larger field MTTs per session, no higher than $1.10 buyin. I’m going on even higher than 100bi BRM if successful on reaching higher levels.

See you guys at the tables and good luck to you all. <3