During an interview at the Billington CyberSecurity Summit on Thursday, Defense Department Acting Chief Information Officer Kelly Fletcher said the National Security Agency (NSA) is working with big defense industries.

“To discuss the work of the National Security Agency (NSA). They’re primarily interested in large defense industrial base companies, and when they say they’re a collaboration center, they mean it. It’s the National Security Agency. But these commercial entities, these large corporations, also have some interesting and unique information. So we’re trying to work together for the greater good.” Fletcher explained.

Fletcher added that the US government’s shift to a zero trust cyber architecture, which assumes all devices in a network are untrustworthy by default, will necessitate the cooperation of industry partners as well as the Defense Department.

President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order in May to improve information sharing on cyber issues between the US government and private sector partners. The order also called for the federal government to adopt stricter cybersecurity standards, including securing cloud services and developing a zero-trust architecture.