Pengu is a Danish professional Rainbow Six: Siege player for G2 Esports who has been part of the competitive scene since 2015. He is known for his teamwork, high-level fps skills and strategies, his success in various tournaments, a well as engaging with his chat. We have compiled a list of the equipment that has been incorporated into Pengu’s gaming setup for those of you who are interested in knowing what he uses to maintain his competitive edge and impressive stream production quality.


Pengu's Gaming Setup monitor

Pengu uses an AOC AGON AG251FZ monitor.

The AOC AGON AG251FZ is a 25” gaming monitor that offers a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080p that can refresh at up to 240Hz at 1ms. It comes with AMD FreeSync Premium technology that in meant to decrease screen tearing for a smoother gameplay experience. Further enhancements include its Shadow Control feature that brightens up darker areas, as well as its Low Blue Light technology that prevents eyestrain over long-term use.

It has dimensions of 21.82 x 54.52 x 56.67cm (8.66 x 22.28 x 21.85″) and weighs 8.5kg (14.3lbs) with its mount. The height can be adjusted up to 13cm (5.12”), and it can also pivot 90°, swivel -20° to 20°, and tilted -3.5° to 21.5°. It also provides a viewing angle of 170°/160° and is VESA wall-mounting compatible.

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Pengu's Gaming Setup mouse

Pengu uses a Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse.

Pengu’s gaming setup includes the white version of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse. The black version appears in LeTsHe’s setup. This mouse originally had a 16K sensor, but has since been upgraded with a Hero 25K optical sensor that provides a dpi range of 100 – 25,400 that can be adjusted in increments of 50 through the G Hub software. It offers adjustable polling rate options of 100, 250, 500 and 1000Hz at a maximum tracking speed of up to 400IPS.

There are no lighting options, which is part of what makes it incredibly lightweight at only 63g (2.2oz). It comes with five programmable buttons, comprising of the two left side buttons, clickers and scroll wheel, meaning that there is no dedicated dpi button. If you want one, you will need to program one of the other buttons with this function.

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Pengu's Gaming Setup keyboard

Pengu uses a Logitech G640 mousepad.

The G640 is a basic large-sized gaming mousepad that has a cloth surface with a textured rubberized underside to prevent it from slipping during use. Its dimensions are 40 x 0.3 x 46cm (15.75 x 0.12 x 18.11”) and it weighs 354.37g (12.5oz.) It is designed to roll-up for easy storage and transportation options.

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Pengu's keyboard

Pengu uses a Logitech G Pro X keyboard.

The Logitech G Pro X is an upgraded version of the Logitech G Pro keyboard that is set with Logitech’s GX switchers rather than Romer G switches. Pengu’s gaming setup includes the version with GX Brown Tactile switches. These have an actuation distance of 2mm (0.1”) and a travel distance of 3.7mm (0.15”) that operate at an actuation force of 50G. There are also Blue Clicky and Red Linear options available.

It has fully programable F-key macros as well as per-key RGB LIGHTSYNC features that can be set through the Logitech G HUB software. It is compatible with Windows 7 or later or macOS 10.11 or later.

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Pengu's headset

Pengu uses Logitech G Pro X headset.

The Logitech G Pro X headset is a wireless upgraded version of the G Pro headset that now features Logitech Blue Vo!ce technology. This has improved the mic’s audio quality above that of the previous model. The detachable microphone has a 4mm capsule with a unidirectional polar pattern that offers a frequency response range of 100 – 10,000Hz.

The headset itself is constructed from a nylon headband set on stainless steel sliders with the headphones being attached with glass fiber reinforced nylon joints and weighs 259g (0.82lbs.) Both the headband and earcups are cushioned and the earcups contain Hybrid mesh PRO-G 50mm neodymium drivers that provide a 20 – 20,000Hz response range at and impedance of 32Ω.

The earcups are closed-backed, to provide a DTS Headphone: X 2.0 Surround Sound experience.  Furthermore, it comes with two earcup padding options, namely leatherette-covered memory foam and micro-suede-covered memory foam.

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Pengu's microphone

Pengu uses a Shure SM7B microphone.

The Shure SM7B is a large-diaphragmed dynamic microphone that utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to help reject unwanted off-axis audio. It offers a frequency response range of 50 – 20,000 at 150Ω. It features a bass roll-off switch to block of lower frequencies and a mid-range emphasis switch to boost upper mid-range frequencies on its base. These allow more clarity when recording various instruments and vocal ranges.

To further improve the input quality, there is also a built-in pop-shield to block out unwanted plosive sounds from filtering into recordings, as well as internal air suspension shock isolation to prevent electrical interference from disrupting the recording. It comes with a detachable windscreen, locking yoke mount and switch cover plate.

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Pengu's camera for streaming

Pengu uses a Sony a6500 camera.

The Sony a6500 is a semi-professional mirrorless camera that is intended for photographers and videographers alike. It has a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor that offers a variety of recording options, with its maximum resolution being 4k to 1080p at 120fps. Its base ISO range is at 100-25600, but it can be extended to 51,200 ISO. However, one of its most impressive features is its 4D autofocus that can lock focus on a subject within 0.05 seconds.

Its dimensions are 12 x 6.7 x 5.3cm (4.75 x 1.75 x 2.13″) and it weighs 453g (1lb.) Furthermore, it is Sony-E compatible, so Pengu has opted to extend his camera’s range with a Sigma 18-35mm lens that provides a maximum aperture of F1.8.



Pengu's Gaming Setup

Pengu uses a TC Helicon GoXLR mixer.

The GoXLR is most likely one of the most popular mixers among streamers, and is found in those of Danucd, TimTheTatman and Aceu. It is capable of providing 48+ V of phantom power and 70dB of gain for up to one mic which can be controlled with a dedicated channel and slider. It also has channels for Chat, Music and System controls and can input one headset as well.

Additionally, it also features audio effect options that can be set directly on the device itself such as Pitch Echo, Robot and Reverb. It also has sample controls that allow you to intersperse your recordings with short bursts of preset sound files during live recordings. There is also a mut and bleep button that can be used to block out unwanted words and audio segments from live recordings.

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