Ninja, a renowned broadcaster, has left Twitch and is now streaming on Kick. Although several well-known streamers have looked into the new streaming service in recent months, Ninja’s interest is particularly noteworthy because of his notoriety.

Few streamers have gained as much prominence in the last ten years as Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Ninja first gained notoriety as a professional Esports player by playing Fortnite and breaking Twitch records. Even while Ninja may not be as well-known as he once was, he still has many fans who appreciate his stuff. When Ninja recently declared his intentions to stream on a new platform, they learned some fascinating information. Ninja unveiled his kick in a tweet on June 9. Live today on Kick and YouTube, he declared. It’s interesting that this happened after the broadcaster had spent about an hour that day livestreaming on Twitch. Ninja has broadcast on a number of platforms in the past, but this was his first attempt at a Kick feed.

The show seemed to proceed as planned, despite what looked to be a disruption while Ninja watched the latest Fortnite season. The official Kick Twitter account responded shortly after going online on the platform, tweeting “Big Moves.”

Some of Ninja’s fans may not be too surprised by his decision to join Kick because he has previously discussed the reasons why he believes the platform will be successful. Additionally, Twitch’s recent attempt to implement new policies that would alter how advertisements operated while broadcasting may have given the well-known streamer—who is already dissatisfied with the Amazon-owned company—more incentive to broadcast somewhere else. It’s important to note that Twitch later changed its mind about these suggested policy modifications. However, it seems that the platform’s recent string of contentious actions was sufficient to convince some streamers, like Ninja, to choose another place to broadcast.

Numerous followers of Ninja’s Twitter account soon remarked on the decision to stream on Kick. More than 6,900 people have already liked the tweet, many of whom expressed their support for the switch to the competing site. Others expressed their anger with Twitch’s recent policy-making moves while others welcomed the streamer to Kick. In the upcoming weeks, it will be interesting to watch how Ninja’s choice to start streaming on Kick turns out. Although it is unknown how frequently he will use the platform, his presence could help the nascent Twitch rival. In fact, according to Kick, the first half of 2023 saw a sharp rise in viewership.

The future will reveal whether Ninja’s choice to stream on the platform encourages even more content producers to give it a try.