We all know that stream sniping is a constant source of annoyance for those who broadcast on Twitch or YouTube. Queuing up at the same time as the streamer you’re watching in the hopes of getting into their game usually ends with the sniper trolling or otherwise humiliating the streamer — though there are times when it leads to a “fan” encounter, which can be just as awkward in its own way.

Stream sniping has become a daily theme for Super Smash Bros. veteran Nairo, who now streams on YouTube, as he attempts to complete his IronMan challenge streams, which entails winning a game with each of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 89 playable characters in a row.

Nairo has been living in Elite Smash because he is no longer competing in tournaments. A group of stream snipers has been able to successfully snipe him over time, to the point where many of them have become well-known names on his stream.

To his credit, Nairo rarely yells at or annoys his snipers, even giving them two chances to beat him if they successfully queue into him during an IronMan event, before temporarily blocking them, until the race is over but with his inaugural Stream Sniper Invitational this past weekend, he took it to the next level, turning his dedicated group of fans into content.

Rather than becoming enraged or blocking his online fans, Nairo invited them all to take part in an online tournament that will be broadcast live on his YouTube channel. It has everything you’d expect from an Elite Smash event, including — of course — Steve dittos. If you want to see it for yourself, we won’t say much more.

Nairo has done an excellent job of turning the lemons of a life spent in the hell of Elite Smash into the lemonade of entertaining, free content.

There are also storylines and rivalries (mostly fictional) to enjoy as the event progresses, all with commentary from Nairo himself thrown in as a bonus.

Other streamers in different games may find it difficult to duplicate this type of content, but for pros trapped in Elite Smash’s hellscape, this is a fantastic way to turn a difficult situation into something more profitable and enjoyable. It’s also helped Nairo become more involved in his community.

Who knows, maybe one of those snipers will show up at a real event one day, taking stocks from a real Smash pro after getting their start at YouTube’s prestigious Stream Sniper Invitational.