Microsoft and Mojang recently announced At Minecraft Live 2021 the latest update for Minecraft Dungeons called The Cloudy Climb, The main feature, a tower built from the ground up for procedural, ongoing content, adds to the endgame’s depth.

The Cloudy Climb, the first in a series of Seasonal Adventures, will feature the following features. Mojang will add to the game over time to keep it fresh, including how it interacts with the new Adventure Rank system, which will give players more prizes than ever before.

Microsoft, Double Eleven, and Mojang collaborated on Minecraft Dungeons, a Diablo-style isometric dungeon crawler. The game can be played solo or in groups of four and supports cross-play and cross-saving across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, 5, and PC. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud service, the game is also playable on mobile devices, and it works quite well.

Players create a character and then set out on an adventure across a vast Minecraft-style universe. Many DLC packs have been released for the game, featuring a variety of Minecraft environments as well as old and new critters and monsters from the original game.

Minecraft Dungeons is an accessible dungeon crawler for gamers of all ages and fantastic whether you’re looking for some simple dungeon-crawling fun with a younger family member or want to take the game seriously with the game’s difficult endgame content. The game can be purchased separately for a reasonable price on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices, or it is included for free as part of an Xbox Game Pass membership.

Seasonal Adventures are adventures that take place at different times of the year.

The Cloudy Climb is Mojang’s first Seasonal Adventure for Minecraft Dungeons, and it features a rewards ladder that players can collect in a Battle Pass-style system.

As you progress through a Seasonal Adventure and complete its challenges, users and players will earn Adventure Points, which will increase your Adventure Rank and can earn points simply by playing, as well as by completing weekly and seasonal challenges that change frequently.

Users can also use their Adventure Points in the brand-new Adventure Hub at the base camp, which offers a variety of incentives. There are also emeralds, money, special seasonal skins, capes, and other items to be found. In a series of pre-planned stages that change every two weeks, the Tower includes both new and existing biomes. You’ll start with a blank slate character, similar to HADES, and gradually gain power as you play and choose prizes. It will also include new enemies and obstacles, as well as the ability to save your progress so you don’t have to restart from the beginning.

Even if you fail your run, you’ll still receive rewards, but those who complete a Tower run to the end will receive more powerful rewards.

When can we expect it to be released?

The Cloudy Climb is set to debut in late 2021, during the “Holiday Season,” sometime in December.