When facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov asserted that YouTube Gaming icon Ludwig has a receding hairline, Ludwig was taken aback.

In response to the YouTuber inspecting the state of his hairline, City Facial Plastic’s surgeon said that the latter had 98.5% of the total hair. However, Dr. Gary Linkov hypothesized that Ludwig might be at stage 2 of the Norwood scale after looking at the streamer’s hair from a different perspective.

The former Twitch streamer joked that he “felt insulted” by Dr. Gary Linkov thinking he was Norwood 2 and immediately declared that he has always been a Norwood 1. Dr. Gary Linkov was recently seen in a YouTube Shorts video commenting on Ludwig as he watched his hairline and wondered aloud if it had always been that way.

Ludwig’s comments prompted a response from the plastic surgeon. The Los Angeles-based streamer asked in jest in the first clip where all of his hair had vanished. Dr. Linkov laughed and asserted that 98.5% of the YouTuber’s hair was still present. The YouTuber rejoiced and exclaimed.

Ludwig jokingly started roasting his audience after declaring that he has always been a Norwood 1. The stages of male pattern baldness are divided into categories using the Hamilton-Norwood scale. It starts at 1 and goes up to 6. (the highest).

More than 80 fan responses were displayed in the YouTube comments section, with some viewers claiming that the streamer would “never bald,” while others wished for Ludwig to work with Dr. Gary Linkov.

This year, Ludwig shocked the streaming scene by announcing a switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Since then, his following on the by Google-owned livestreaming platform has skyrocketed. More than 850 million people have viewed his channel, and he currently has 3.43 million subscribers.