The discussion over League of Legends solo queue has raged on for a long time, and the community has changed its mind multiple times.

While in-game toxicity has been one of the most widely discussed difficulties in the MOBA, others have pointed to issues that just some of the game’s higher elo players suffer.

Former caster and T1 content developer Nick “LS” De Cesare discussed how the lack of collaborative material is hindering solo-queue experiences in high MMR in a recent stream with Tim “Nemesis” Lipovek.

Not only do higher-elo players have to wait a long time to find a match, but they also have to wait a long time to find a match.

In the stream, LS discussed Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, T1’s content creator, and how the streamer is one of the main reasons for Twitch’s large League of Legends audience.