Gareth David of Los Campesinos, the indie-pop legends! In a recent interview, he credited Twitch for the band’s long-term success.

David indicated in the interview with Last Donut Of The Night that Twitch streamers may have affected the band’s ongoing success, as well as new Los Campesinos! fans. “There are a number of extremely well-known Twitch streamers who are fans of our band, and one of them wears our stuff on his streams,” he explained.

“We’ve sold a lot more things of that merch…,” David said of the influence this had on the band. Our Spotify streams have increased by 100,000 listeners in the last year, and our demographics are heavily skewed toward younger people. It took me by surprise.”

He addressed the younger inflow of followers as well as the male-to-female ratio of listeners, claiming that the tale has altered in the previous year or two. “At the time of my last check a month ago, 13% of our Spotify listeners were under the age of 18, which shocked me. 77% of the population is younger than we are, which I believe is a fantastic condition to be in.

He said, “We have to thank Twitch a lot for that,” adding, “It’s been a great organic development, especially considering we haven’t been able to play concerts or record.”

Los Campesinos! published their first album, ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…,’ in 2008, and their most recent album, ‘Sick Scenes,’ was released in 2017.

Later in the interview, the conversation turned to video games, with David stating his desire to “get into” gaming while under lockdown. He also talked about how he and his pals communicated via playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch using Zoom, and how the band once received a bunch of free Xboxes. “About 12 years ago, Microsoft paid for a song from the Sticking Fingers Into Sockets EP to be used in an internal training film or something. It had to be a good deal for us to say “Yes,” but we also asked, “Can we also receive seven free Xboxes?” We all received Xboxes two days later, so it was my brief phase of getting into gaming, such as Call of Duty. But I was hopeless at it.”

“I don’t believe I possess the necessary dexterity. When it comes to games, Mario is my limit.”

Los Campesinos! has now announced three shows in December, with 10% of tickets sales going to low-income fans for under £5, gender-neutral facilities, and completely accessible venues.