The Kick mobile app, which is slated to debut early next month, has been announced by popular Twitch broadcaster Trainwreck. Kick is a platform that competes with Twitch and YouTube.

The website made its initial launch last month as a brand-new streaming service that served as a competitor to Twitch and YouTube, offering a better user experience for its artists. Late last year, when he was still employed by Twitch in a “non-owner advisor” capacity, Trainwreck initially made it known that he would be switching to Kick. The popular new streaming platform’s mobile app is currently preparing for an impending debut.

Following Trainwreck’s departure, several prominent Twitch streamers have started to pay attention to the site since Kick’s arrival. Although other prominent stars are said to have given the transfer some thought, Adin Ross is one of the biggest streamers to have officially confirmed a shift to Kick. While others, like Asmongold, have commended the streaming service for not mandating exclusivity from its top streamers, XQc would not completely rule out a future shift to Kick. With the debut of its mobile app next month, Kick is expected to experience a significant uptick in popularity among producers.

Kick has finally established an anticipated release date for its mobile app, according to a fresh update from Trainwreck on Friday morning. The streamer’s forceful tweet indicated that Kick’s mobile app is anticipated to be ready for release on March 3 of next week.

Fans of the network have been clamoring for Kick to release a mobile version, which will enable it to compete with Twitch and YouTube on mobile. In a second tweet, Trainwreck added that Kick is aiming to reach consoles as well. While Trainwreck’s followers will be happy to watch his Kick streams on their smartphones and other portable devices, the streamer’s success with Kick comes after much criticism around his exit from Twitch. Being one of the leading streamers using gambling websites like, Trainwreck played a significant role in the turmoil surrounding Twitch’s decision to outlaw gambling late last year. After accusing a number of well-known Twitch streamers of view-botting on the platform, Trainwreck found himself in the center of even more controversy. 

From the beginning of 2023, Kick has grown significantly as a competing streaming platform, along with the planned mobile app launch. The site’s Creator Program, which offers both small and large broadcasters on the platform an hourly wage to livestream on the site, was unveiled by Trainwreck and Kick last month. Kick has announced its first significant connection with Formula One team Alfa Romeo, and it is rumored that additional well-known developers like Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed may transfer to Kick.

Kick is ready to make a big splash in the streaming industry thanks to great talent joining the platform and the impending release of a mobile app.