Popular streamer Jonathan Schlatt aka Jschlatt has opened up about struggling to upload anything recently stating that he feels like he no longer enjoys making content or videos and that it seems like he is on the verge of retiring and quitting the platform permanently.

Jschatt creates both gaming and IRL content that he posts to his JschlattLIVE and Jschlatt YouTube channels, boasting over 3 million subscribers.

He has been a popular figure on YouTube over the past eight years and rose to explosive Minecraft stardom on the SMPLive server alongside other modern internet icons like CallMeCarson and Dream. However, on his recent youtube video upload titled “I’ve been thinking of retiring.”, it seems like his YouTube journey may soon be over as he admitted that he no longer enjoys creating content anymore.

In his September 2nd video, he expressed that he’s hit rock bottom recently. He stated teary-eyed; “It’s just been bad luck after bad luck after bad luck. I feel like Minecraft Steve, who just made a dirt hut with no door, and a one-block wide chest, and a bed, and that’s all I got. And it’s grass now, I’ve got the green top.”

He also revealed that he has been struggling through the last few months. Because of this, he stated that he took a long look at his career and the introspective unveiled one thing for him and that is no matter if he quits, “someone else would just take his place.”

He says, “I’m replaceable. I can walk out the door, and out pops another dude with a New York hat and a funny accent, and he’ll do my same job.” In the end, he claimed that while he thought about retiring and quitting, he still has a lot of things he wanted to do, so he is willing to give it “another shot, in another way.”