The biggest argument of this year involved Pokimane and streamer JiDion. However, the uproar resulted in JiDion’s Twitch ban. Since then, he has been attempting to return to the platform.

Pokimane is a well-known female Twitch streamer. By live-streaming video games on her channel, she established a name for herself. Jidon Adams AKA  JiDion, is a well-known streamer and content producer on Twitch and YouTube.

Since January 2022, JiDion’s Twitch account has been suspended due to his conflict with Pokimane. He was curious about the streamer’s return to the platform, as were his followers. The streamer recently provided more information about the incident.

JiDion posted a Twitch email on his Twitter saying that his account has been suspended, due to extreme harassment. Twitch made the decision to continue suspending the streamer’s account after further reviewing the circumstances.

The email further stated that his account would be permanently banned if he attempted to circumvent the restrictions. JiDion added that he recently spoke with a Twitch representative and made it clear that he wouldn’t be coming back to the platform ever again.

Earlier this year, during a live stream, JiDion directed all of his viewers to Pokimane’s channel. He asked his followers to visit Pokimane’s stream and irritate her in order to produce content for his YouTube channel, his account was immediately banned by Twitch after they became aware of the situation.

The initial suspension lasted just 14 days, but later, they lengthened the ban’s validity, and it is still in effect on his channel. JiDion’s most recent tweet made it clear that he will not be joining Twitch again. Additionally, JiDion and Pokimane found a solution to their conflict, and the former even pleaded with his supporters to stop bullying or detesting Pokimane, but it didn’t assist him in getting back to the violet platform.

We can anticipate that JiDion’s time on Twitch may be coming to an end. He might now choose to continue using YouTube. A YouTube channel with more than 5.33 million subscribers is run by the former Twitch streamer. On his channel, he primarily posts original challenges and vlogs.