Twitch, the streaming platform of choice for many of today’s most well-known streaming personalities, was recently hacked. Asmongold and xQc were among the Twitch streamers whose earnings were leaked.

The breach included not only details about streamers’ income, but also the source code for Twitch. This may or may not have been the source of Twitch’s recent problems, but it appears to have had a role.

The issue is an overabundance of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, notably his image being shown in inappropriate places. Instead of the standard graphics, a specific image of Bezos making what can only be described as the PogChamp face was inserted in the background of many game pages, blown up to massive dimensions.

It is unknown why this was done as of this writing, however, it appears to have been a prank. No one has claimed responsibility for the hoax, and it appears that all of the Bezos photographs have been removed from Twitch for the time being.

It’s unclear whether they’ll return or be replaced by other humorous images. The attack was caused by a server configuration change, according to Twitch, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen again.

Fortunately for Twitch users, credit card information is not saved on the platform, and Twitch claims that this information is secure. Of course, future attacks may not be as harmless as this one, putting the platform in jeopardy. Twitch felt more protected from tragedy when Twitchcon was supposed to be in person, but that is likely no longer the case.