When IShowSpeed was permanently barred from streaming on Twitch in December 2021, he wasted no time in positioning himself to become one of YouTube’s most recognizable faces.

IShowSpeed has run into trouble numerous times since then. As a result of his sexist outburst toward a fellow player, he was banned from Valorant. He also received a community guidelines strike from YouTube for streaming an adult Minecraft mod.

After the two-week suspension, IShowSpeed expressed his disappointment at not reaching the 10 million subscriber milestone prior to the strike, but his supporters quickly got to work and made things better for him.

After being suspended from YouTube, he informed his followers on July 23 that he had now amassed 10 million subscribers on the Google-owned platform, and announced the achievement on Twitter and thanked his devoted following for its assistance in getting him there. 

Fans praised Speed for the remarkable accomplishment. Adin Ross praised Speed, but for some, it was also a bittersweet moment because Speed’s suspension prevents him from posting or streaming anything on YouTube for the next two weeks.

Despite the fact that YouTube says it is only temporarily suspended, he announced his subscriber increase in an Instagram post, because of this many of Speed’s fans are speculating as to how long he might be gone, but it appears that he will return in some capacity.