Following their appearance on AustinShow’s “Love Or Host” with well-known YouTuber TommyInnit, Twitch streamers “imOphelia” and “kazz” received criticism on Twitter.

With his “The Bachelor”-inspired e-dating show Love or Host, streamer AustinShow, formerly known as RajjPatel, has brought attention to a number of celebrities and influencers. The program, which includes celebrities from the entire streaming industry, has received praise for giving aspiring creators a chance to stand out and experience a surge in popularity.

However, imOphelia and kazz, who were vying for TommyInnit’s affection, didn’t fare as well. Instead, the two got into trouble on Twitter as a result of their remarks made both during and after the event.

ImOphelia and kazz came under fire from viewers after their appearance on Love or Host on July 9th; they demanded that background checks be conducted on contestants before they appear on the program.

Throughout the stream, kazz’s contentious remarks sparked debate among both viewers and her fellow participants. TommyInnit was ultimately left pleading for her to be less honest. For instance, as she was disqualified from the competition, she praised Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, who has previously come under fire for tweets that have been called transphobic and misogynistic. His Twitter account was recently suspended.

Similar to how imOphelia, who had a strong start on the stream, was subjected to intense criticism on Twitter. She even expressed her gratitude to AustinShow for allowing her to participate and expressed her joy at finding out she was popular online.

Things changed, though, when viewers alleged that she had followed a number of strange, boundary-breaking, NSFW accounts on Twitter.

Later, she addressed the controversy on her Twitch stream, but it did little to calm the uproar. She abruptly ended her stream as a result, and it appears that she deleted her Twitter account.

TommyInnit hasn’t commented on the controversy surrounding the show as of the time of this writing, but AustinShow thanked his fellow hosts and the guests for contributing to a “f**king great” show.