The internet has been delighted by a heartwarming video showing one man donating money to a video game streamer with zero viewers.

HypeSzn originally posted the video to TikTok. It is a screen recording of the gamer’s live stream. u/usedchloroform, reposted the video in Reddit’s “Made Me Smile” forum on Monday. The video has received over 6 million views on TikTok and 51,000 upvotes on Reddit so far.

Commenters on both platforms expressed their admiration for HypeSzn’s gesture as well as the streamer’s reaction. Some even claimed that the video helped the streamer gain tens of thousands of Twitch followers.

HypeSzn sends the streamer a $1 donation with a message at the start of his video. Despite the small monetary value, the streamer DJSpiderbutt is visibly moved by the random act of kindness.

In addition to HypeSzn’s donation, some Redditors claimed that the viral video helped DJSpiderbutt gain thousands of Twitch followers. A quick search on the platform for “DJSpiderbutt” reveals that the streamer has over 7,000 followers.

One of the many ways Twitch’s 4 million monthly streamers have turned their love of gaming into cash is through donations.

Indeed, a recent platform hack that resulted in the leak of a creator payout report revealed that a broadcaster with the username xQc earned more than $8 million between August 2019 and October 2021 and a person’s “potential to earn money” grows as their audience grows. Commenters on Reddit and TikTok praised HypeSzn’s video, as previously stated.

Other acts of kindness shared on Reddit include a daughter who gave her father a PS5 for Christmas last year and a Twitch streamer who was overcome with emotion after waiting nearly an hour for his first subscribers in a mental health-related Twitch post.