Helena, a Twitch streamer with over 340K subscribers, recently explained why she does not translate her Greek unban requests. The streamer showed her ban requests in a recent livestream, highlighting one user in particular who wrote a request in Greek.

The request was full of profanity and insults, which Helena translated so that her viewers would understand why she refuses to translate them on her stream. Several rude unban requests and messages in Greek were seen during the stream, which prompted this.

Helena went through a number of Greek ban requests during this stream, reading them quickly and quietly without translating what they said.

She’d gone through a number of unban requests written in Greek and paused after a while to explain why she doesn’t translate them.

Helena then selects the current unban request she’s working on and instantly translates what the person said in order to be unbanned.

The streamer points out that as a Greek woman, she is free to express her thoughts on other Greeks, and several Redditors chimed in with their thoughts on the video. Helena most likely gave the banned user exactly what they wanted, according to one source.

Others, on the other hand, simply called the offending party a loser and moved on.

On the topic of the streamer commenting on the person’s appearance and living situation, someone stated that good-looking people are more likely to sexually harass others, which elicited a few responses. They probably do more in Twitch chat than in person, according to one.

Although there was some confusion as to why someone would be so angry, the Twitch streamer’s ex-boyfriend was revealed.

It is up to the streamer to decide who to ban or unban, but the streamer made it clear that many, if not all, of her Greek unban requests were similar to the one featured in the Twitch video.