For the first time in his professional career, YouTuber George Janko visited Twitch and had some special things to say about Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Fortnite skills.

George Janko has garnered over a million subscribers on the Google-owned video platform since starting his channel there in 2016. All of his films have had close to 200k views. In addition, he is well known for co-hosting Impaulsive alongside Mike Majlak and Logan Paul and for frequently appearing in Mike’s own vlogs. He started streaming on Twitch on October 18th and on his debut show, he said a few interesting things regarding Ninja’s Fortnite ability.

Someone asked George in chat if he was going to play any games on stream while he and his friends were just chit-chatting with the viewers. 

He explained; “Thank you for asking that superb question. Yes, we are going to be gaming. In fact, this is a secret that I never really told anybody… I am the best gamer to ever exist on Fortnite. This is the reason why I wanna be on Twitch. I’m watching these really really good streamers, like Ninja. That’s a garbage a** streamer. Like, he’s not good bro.”

He expanded on these ideas in his Twitch bio, where he asserts that “I’m better than Ninja.” 

Later in the video, George continued to demonstrate his Fortnite skills, although it’s still debatable whether or not he is better to Ninja. In any case, he’s gained over 12k followers in a matter of days, proving that he’s at least keeping his supporters entertained.