Sammy “Adept,” a Twitch streamer, garnered attention on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit on May 17, 2023, when she revealed that she was donning a wedding ring.

Adept is Felix “xQc’s” former girlfriend, for context. Since the former accused the French-Canadian personality of “violating court orders,” both personas have been at the center of a significant dispute. The Reddit community discussed Adept’s decision to display her wedding band, with u/BookerPhil accusing her of manipulating the situation. They added detail: “Insane manipulation going on here by just watching the first five minutes of her VOD (Video on Demand). If this is her way of coping with all the hate she has been getting, she needs to stop because this will make it worst. I hope she gets the help she needs she clearly isn’t in the best state of mind.”

A fresh episode in the xQc-Adept scandal occurred yesterday (May 16, 2023), when the former Overwatch pro abruptly terminated his broadcast while giving an unidentified reason. Fans asserted that she posted a picture of herself wearing an engagement ring on her ring finger the same day.

The 27-year-old admitted earlier today that she was donning a wedding band rather than an engagement ring. She said this at the four-minute point in her broadcast: “It’s not an engagement ring. It’s my wedding ring. It’s my wedding ring. And people will try to tell you that there was no war in Ba Sing Se (a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender) but…”

The content creator said while watching a scene from Avatar: The Last Airbender that featured the famous phrase “There is no war in Ba Sing Se” She added; “See? They’re like, ‘Come on! We all know that there is a war. Like, literally, everything is pointing and when we all know that there is a war. Why are you covering the war?’ And she just keeps repeating to herself that there is no war in Ba Sing Se. And everyone’s sitting here like, ‘But the receipts don’t match, babe.’ Like the receipts don’t match! (The streamer shows her wedding ring on the camera) I think there was a war in Ba Sing Se! I think there was!”

Adept wearing a wedding ring prompted more than 115 community members to leave comments, with Redditor u/xfyre101 questioning who she married.