Despite viewers urging her to stop, Twitch streamer ExtraEmily was caught eating raw chicken, which sickened her followers.

Good food is a personal opinion. It goes without saying that not everyone will enjoy the same foods as you do. But you should probably pay attention when numerous individuals advise against eating anything. This was not done by ExtraEmily. Emily, who recently had the cops called on her, recently streamed herself eating meals live on Twitch in order to compare one-star Chinese food to five-star Chinese food. The outcome? Emily consumes chicken despite the cautions of her viewers. 

Viewers alerted her that the food was undercooked as soon as she tried some of the one-star Chinese restaurant’s fried chicken that was drenched in sauce. Emily described the food after taking her first bite; “The chicken is pretty soft. Nice and chewy.”

As soon as they saw it, fans expressed their horror and informed the streamer that the chicken was raw. Emily held up the piece of chicken she had just eaten and declared, “It’s not raw. This is cooked. It looks weird on camera but I’m pretty sure it’s cooked.”

She didn’t think much of it and went on to eat some more chicken. As a result of discussions on the video on Reddit, some are even more certain that the meat was raw.