Amouranth, a well-known and controversial Twitch streamer recently announced her collaboration with the upcoming show Streamer Royale a few weeks ago.

Twitch will host its first major event in a long time, thanks to popular streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. Streamer Royale, a large-scale production coming to Twitch this summer, was announced earlier this month by the bunny-rescuing streamer.

Siragusa announced on Twitter in early April that she was going cold turkey on being an e-girl, and that she had spent between $350,000 and $400,000 on Twitch content.

The streamer didn’t elaborate on what Twitch content meant, but Amouranth and the official Streamer Royale Twitter account announced a few days later that she will be the event’s lead producer, which will be broadcast on May 28th.

Amouranth is best known for being one of the Twitch streamers who popularized the hot tub meta, but this is his first time working on a larger production. Twitch’s most-watched female streamer of 2021 has been keeping information about the Streamer Royale event close to her chest since taking over as lead producer and hostess.

While no official statement has been made about the nature of the event, the name may provide some insight into what viewers can expect.

With the continued popularity of the battle royale video game genre, which pits hundreds of players against each other in an enclosed map that shrinks in size until only one person or team remains, it appears that Streamer Royale will follow suit. The show, which features several well-known streamers, may feature an elimination game in which the last person standing is crowned the winner.

Streamer Royale could be a small- to medium-scale version of an in-person battle royale, in which participants use paintball guns to ‘eliminate’ one another or play laser tag. Siragusa’s event, on the other hand, could be a type of elimination game show in which the streamers compete in a series of tasks akin to Japanese game shows, with the player with the highest score at the end winning a prize. As of this writing, only a few participants have been announced, and no other details about the event have been made public.

Only four people out of an unknown number have received Super Smash Bros.-style announcement cards so far, all within the last two weeks. Moistcr1tikaL was the first of the big streaming community names to be announced, followed by Jack Manifold shortly after. Then LilyPichu was added to the list of notable streamers who will compete in the summer event, and most recently, the official Streamer Royale Twitter account announced Alinity’s participation. Apart from her role as event hostess and lead producer, it appears that Amouranth is not a participant in any way.

Only a few weeks after the initial event announcement, it is still unknown what the true nature of Streamer Royale will be, where it will be held, or whether it will be a pay-to-view event. However, based on the language of some announcement tweets so far, the event appears to be destined to become an annual Twitch event. As Twitch fans get closer to the May 28 broadcast date, more details are expected to emerge in the coming weeks.