Since its relaunch a few years ago, the Hitman franchise has done well, with the first game in the new trilogy still having an active player base. Twitch streamer Atrioc, a Hitman 3 fan, just established a world record, breaking the previous holder by around 10 minutes.

Atrioc was recently banned from Twitch, which led to a large return livestream when the ban was revoked. During the livestream, Atrioc decided to try speedrunning the Hitman trilogy, and he ended up breaking the record for Hitman 3 in Master difficulty, suit only, which elicited a lot of applause from the streamer and the chat.

The clip of Atrioc and his fans rejoicing throughout the game’s credits was posted by a Reddit user that goes by the name goatgoatlilgoat, and it appears to have gotten some notice.

This could be due to Atrioc’s previous involvement with the Hitman series. It appears that Atrioc has achieved a world record for a Hitman game before, thanks to his mastery of the game’s stealth mechanics. According to reports, he even formed a new speedrun category for the Hitman trilogy, which he has recently been competing with another speedrunner over.

Atrioc’s current record is near to the reasonable human limit, according to fellow Redditor lmaogetthatbread, who claims to be a Hitman 3 moderator and speedrunner.

Reportedly, the Master difficulty closely mirrors the Professional difficulty, which is the game’s default difficulty and the one most speedrunners use. The Master difficulty, on the other hand, isn’t as well-optimized as the Professional, allowing plenty of room for dedicated players to fine-tune their strategy. Fans of the Hitman trilogy appear to still be very invested in learning new techniques for the games, as seen by Hitman 3’s smashing franchise sales record.

As of writing, it seems that fans of Atrioc and fans of Hitman are both happy to celebrate the streamer’s achievement. Several users commented specifically to confirm that this clip was real and Atrioc actually had broken the record.