Twitch broadcasters had a fun recently after the popular horror game Phasmophobia launched its latest update, which added a slew of new features.

Twitch streamer that goes by the name DreamWarrior was one of the many streamers who were eager to try out the new Phasmophobia update. However, he was taken aback when he stumbled upon an image of his deceased pet lizard, Lee, in the game, and became pretty upset when he did. As he broke down on the livestream, he shared a heartwarming experience with his community, who wrote loving comments for him.

DreamWarrior broke down in tears after seeing a picture on the wall while playing Phasmophobia, and a 60-second video of it went viral.

While many people were confused by what was going on, members of his group expressed their support for him while also providing some explanation to newcomers. 

Kinetic Games, the designers of Phasmophobia, allegedly sought out several artists for images to include in the game.

DreamWarrior, who was very close to his pet, shared a snapshot of it, which the game’s developers decided to use as a tribute. While the inclusion of Lee’s picture in the game must not have come as a surprise to DreamWarrior, he may have been uninformed of where the photograph would appear in the game or just did not expect it.

DreamWarrior was so attached to his pet lizard, Lee, that he made it the mascot for his YouTube channel. As a result, Kinetic Games’ gesture not only honors but also immortalizes the Twitch streamer’s pet. 

Twitch streamer DreamWarrior shared a wonderfully wholesome moment with his community. Furthermore, the fact that it occurred while broadcasting a horror game adds to the streamer’s and his community’s memories of the event.