The Game Awards have evolved into one of the industry’s most important events, allowing fans of the medium to reflect on some of the best titles, characters, and moments from the previous year.

On November 16, the event announced the nominees for each category for 2021, and one prize in particular sparked instant debate: Content Creator of the Year.

After Twitch star Ludwig’s comments on the nominations enraged followers of superstar Minecraft YouTuber Dream, the Minecraft mogul responded by giving his own personal list of top five streaming personalities.

Dream responded to the backlash on Twitter with a statement that included his own “top five streamer picks of 2021 [in] no particular order.”

Six (yes, six) major YouTube personalities are on the list: Ludwig, xQc, Valkyrae, Mizkif, and a tie for fifth place between two of Dream’s fellow Minecraft stars, Ranboo and TommyInnit.

Most people seemed to favor Dream’s list, with several of his personal choices, such as Valkyrae and Ludwig, thanking him for the nominations.

“It would be difficult to not have them in the top [five].” “There are so many excellent streamers, it’s incredibly hard to pick just a couple,” Dream concurred, noting how difficult it was to reduce the industry down to just five names.

It’s difficult [when] there are so many people who have had such a significant impact.”

It would be difficult for anyone to reduce the whole content development sector to just five names. At the very least, Dream fans will know where their beloved developer stands on the issue, which should help to reduce the turmoil before The Game Awards reveal their prize on December 9th.