You’re all aware that celebrities, despite their wealth, frequently receive expensive crap for free, but today we’re going to focus on one specific gift. Considering that it is a gaming computer and that we also sort of have the receipt for it, among other reasons.

Jake Lucky, an esports enthusiast, tweeted this earlier today, and it undoubtedly sparked a response. That first sentiment might be a bit strong, but responses in the replies generally ranged from saying that it looks like shit and that it is wildly overpriced but some people think it looks fantastic! What do they expect, it’s a gaming PC, and the white lighting in these pictures gives the machine a far more elegant appearance than the electronic clown car aesthetic that you frequently see on these kinds of systems. Many like the lighting around the fans in particular because it has a “starship corridor” feel to it.

There are some restrictions in place when it comes to the cost. Drake received the PC, which was built by Paradox Customs, as a gift from streamer Xposed. The market for many pricey PC parts crashed for some reason between the time the order was initially placed and the PC arrived.

Add in the taxes that Xposed had to pay in Canada, and Paradox estimates that the real price in July 2022 will be closer to $6,500. Which, despite not being $8,000, is still absurdly expensive for a PC.

This was tweeted by Paradox earlier today, which conveniently also gives us the chance to look at the kinds of specifications you can anticipate finding in a PC that costs more than my previous three desktop computers put together.

Regarding who purchased the system and why, Xposed claims to have chosen this particular model for himself before ordering a second one for Drake because he had previously assisted the rapper with a PC but had to cut corners at the time and purchase him a prebuilt from Best Buy due to the short notice.

Drake just so happens to be continuously streaming and promoting Stake, a dubious and contentious online gambling and sports betting site, at the same time that Xposed signed a partnership agreement with them in December 2021. Stake also announced the arrival of the new PCs on their social media accounts.