Former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect recently revealed his earnings hit since he switched from Twitch to another streaming platform YouTube.

Dr Disrespect’s previous ban isn’t the only thing he has had to deal with lately, as being a well-known streamer, he also took a massive hit to his earnings since his ban from Twitch.

The infamous Twitch ban of Dr Disrespect has been the talk of the town since then and now, he revealed that he now knows the reason behind his suspension and said that he is suing the platform and made a harsh comment. He also shared how his suspension affected him financially.

According to Dr Disrespect, he is earning fourth, a quarter of what he was making on Twitch. He shared that he is maximizing the resources he had and appreciate all the support he was getting form his fans and followers, he also said that unfortunately, his suspension from the platform put a significant damper on his networking opportunities and went to explain how his situation last year has been extremely disheartening and a roller coaster emotion.

Even though he was blacklisted and shadow-banned, he still managed to be doing well. He has now 3.46 million subscribers on YouTube and also still holding a partneship brands suchs as Turtle Beach, Fuel, Fanduel, and Mountain Dew.