Following his Twitch ban, the popular streamer Disguised Toast has remained a hot topic for the entire streaming community. For streaming a popular anime show, the Taiwanese-Canadian streamer was recently banned from Twitch for a month. Disguised Toast has been the talk of the town ever since.

The well-known streamer is a well-known figure in the streaming industry. In fact, his fans adore him because of his entertaining streams. Fans will now be unable to watch the streamer for a month. This news has undoubtedly saddened fans and the entire community. And it appears that the streamer is having difficulties as well.

Disguised Toast recently shared a bizarre pool photo that drove the entire community and fans insane.

Disguised Toast posted an image on Twitter on January 12, 2022, surprising the entire community. The streamer shared a photo of himself attempting to relax in a pool.

Yes, the streamer has finally revealed the details of his first day of the vacation ban. And there’s no doubt that the streamer isn’t happy about being banned for such a long time. This is clear from the tweet’s caption saying that he is not taking his vacation ban very well.

Disguised Toast’s tweet appears to have already started making noise. The tweet has already received over 640 retweets and 27k likes. It has also received 65 quote tweets. The statistics show that the community has already begun to miss their streamer.

Not to mention the fact that this is only the first day of the streamer’s lengthy suspension. It’s likely that the fans and community will have a difficult time waiting for the game for the entire month.

Many fans may be unaware of the reason for Disguised Toast’s one-month suspension. The streamer was watching the popular anime show Death Note on his stream on January 11, 2022. This resulted in a DMCA strike, which resulted in a month-long Twitch ban.

The fans’ reactions show that they miss their favorite streamer and are eagerly anticipating his return. Leave your thoughts on the incident in the comments section below.