After users saw it advertised among other bots on the platform, the creators of a cryptocurrency Discord bot responded to user concerns.

On Discord, Carl-bot and FredBoat server bots were pushing another named Piggy. Piggy was listed under the “playing a game” tab in both Discord bots at the time of publication, but this has since been removed.

Users were concerned about the Piggy bot’s ability to exchange currency earned from the activities it promotes on Discord for cryptocurrency. According to Piggy’s website, Discord users can adopt a piggy, train them to fight other Discord users, and earn XP and rewards. Users can also “collect as much Piggy Gold as you want and exchange it for your favorite cryptocurrency,” according to the website.

Concerns about the Piggy Discord bot have prompted a response on the bot’s Twitter account.

Piggy bills itself as the “first green play-to-earn” game on Discord, according to one user who received a notification from FredBoat on their phone. It also advertises the opportunity to earn 1000 coins and begin playing. Users can also buy and sell piggies, breed them, and adopt multiples, according to the same notification.

As of this writing, the FredBoat website appears to no longer send out piggy notifications.

While the relevant bots appear to have removed direct mention of Piggy, Bot Labs, the company behind Carl-bot and FredBoat, among others, has Piggy listed among its other bots.

Users aren’t being forced to use the cryptocurrency angle or the Piggy bot, but many are upset that these bots are now promoting a play-to-earn crypto scheme.

After the platform’s founder teased a potential NFT and cryptocurrency integration, users boycotted Discord last year.