Blizzard has responded to the “leaked” Apple App Store release date for Diablo Immortal.

Nearly four years after Diablo Immortal was infamously announced at BlizzCon 2018, the game appears to be on track to release in 2022.

The disaster that was the game’s announcement at BlizzCon 2018 has gone down in history, but eagle-eyed fans noticed what appeared to be a release date on Apple’s own App Store.

Blizzard has issued the following statement, confirming that June 30 is merely a placeholder date. Diablo Immortal is “expected” to release on June 30, 2022, according to a now-defunct page on Apple’s App Store. The key word here is ‘expected,’ as Blizzard has stated that the game will be released in Q2 2022 because June 30th is the last day of the second quarter, this leak could just be a placeholder. If Blizzard’s release date for Immortal remains the same, the game may be released sooner.

The official Diablo Immortal Twitter account is another possible indicator that the game will be released soon.

Immortal called for players to pre-register for exclusive cosmetics at launch on the same day the Apple Store leaked, March 28th.

Since 2021, the game has also been in closed beta. Given that, as well as the fact that cosmetics are being used and the leak, Immortal is likely to be released on June 30, if not sooner.