One True King (OTK) is one of the game industry’s most famous groups. It makes sense that a creator would want to take advantage of the exposure that OTK has to offer, especially with figures like Asmongold and Sodapoppin.

The most recent member of the group to reach one of the most important milestones on Twitch with 1 million followers on the site was BruceDropEmOff last night. At the end of March of this year, Bruce became the newest creator to join OTK.

His achievement of one million followers places him in the top ten percent of channels. According to Sully Gnome, Bruce’s channel is ranked No. 317 among the most popular on the platform. Bruce’s career has been rapid since he joined OTK. He has more than doubled his following in the past six months since joining the group. Bruce has accumulated 437,144 followers since March 26, the day before he formally joined the group, according to Streams Charts. In the meantime, his audience has greatly increased. Bruce’s average viewership has climbed 81 percent from the six months prior to joining OTK without boosting his overall airtime. Since joining the organization, he has averaged 26,831 viewers and 7.77 million hours of viewing time.

Just over a month after Emiru, who joined OTK in January, reached the same milestone, Bruce reached one million followers. Currently, Emiru is ranked 292 among the platform’s most popular creators. Bruce is also getting close to Nick Polom, one of his bosses, who only reached 1 million followers in July, in terms of followers. With 1,026,676 followers, NMP is the 303rd most followed creator on the network. Polom has an interest in the corporation but wasn’t a founding member of the organization; rather, he was the first to be admitted to it.

Before they can claim the top spot on the platform, all three streamers still have a ways to go. With 18.37 million followers, Ninja owns the record. The Fortnite mania of 2018 helped him expand his market.

Even within the company, Sodapoppin, who was introduced as an owner in July, outperforms the group. With 8.81 million subscribers, the channel Soda is the 11th most popular on the platform.