Barbarbarbaros Streamer About

I have been streaming poker since january 15 this year @ for the turkish audience, in agreement with the poker network. Recently switched to my own channel to be an affiliate of n8 25 years of age, 5 years of professional poker.

Why do you stream?

To entertain myself, as poker gets boring after a while and you need to supplement it with other things like streaming or BR challenges to keep the spirit alive.

Streamer Goal

Marketing my affiliate link, generally havin good time. I have no viewer or sub goal, as I do not really care about being watched. I’m more doing this to be able to keep playing poker for more time. My interest in poker has been dying down.

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Gender: Male

Poker Site Usernames:

GG Network: “kayra khan” at the moment

What Format of Poker Games do you stream: Cash: 50NL at the moment for the challenge. Have streamed anywhere from 25nl to 400nl in the past. MTTs: I play MTTs casually so I just play whatever tournament I like. Mostly those 30$ bounty ones tho.

What Game Variants do you play No Limit and small amount of the great game of Omaha.

Favorite Tournet Speed Bounty builders and Freezeout

HUD: PT4 Training: Red Chip Poker Player Stat Info: Sharkscope

Biggest Win on Bigest Win Live: $about 10k$ in cyprus. But this isnt mtt, just cash :/

Affiliations: n8