After a disastrous first day on the battle royale’s new Pacific map, popular Call of Duty streamer and top Warzone earner Aydan Conrad has revealed he’s considering “moving on” from the game from which he’s made more than $330,000.

Warzone has finally swapped Modern Warfare’s Verdansk battleground for the bright shores of tropical Caldera, the battle royale’s second-ever map, two years after its release.

The island map was added to CoD Vanguard’s most recent update, which was released on December 8. In what Raven Software billed as the game’s next era, the Pacific swap-over brought a slew of WW2 weapons as well as new events, perks, and vehicles, including 1940s planes.

Instead, fans have been abandoning the game in droves from the start.

Aydan admitted on launch day that he didn’t enjoy “even a second” of the map, and could be one of among those leaving.

After months of anticipation, Aydan, like thousands of other Call of Duty fans, was eager to try Vanguard’s new Warzone map, Caldera. And, like many other fans, he quickly became dissatisfied.

It’s a surprising suggestion from Aydan, given the star New York Subliners streamer’s position at the top of the Warzone professional scene. Of course, he has yet to implement any plans to leave Warzone. Even speculating that he might is a major shock to Call of Duty players.

Since 2020, the Subliners’ star has risen to new heights as a Warzone player. Conrad has earned more than $331,890 in his career. When CoD’s battle royale debuted, he ditched Fortnite and teamed up with MuTeX and ZLaner before joining Rated more recently.

Only time will tell if the star’s stance on Caldera changes, though he has stated that he wants to “give it another go with a positive mentality” before making a decision.