Asmongold, a well-known WoW streamer and owner of OTK, has come under fire from his followers for having “casually homophobic” friends on his Twitch channel.

It’s been a difficult year for Asmongold because of all the uproar caused by both OTK and Starforge PCs. But he has been freely discussing these difficulties on stream, and he has received a lot of support from his followers. Fans of the streamer are, however, harshly criticizing a recent on-stream incident. Viewers of Asmongold’s show have criticized his buddies for using “casually homophobic” language as they were hanging out in the background while he was live. 

Asmongold didn’t directly say anything that agreed with his friends’ viewpoint, but he also didn’t criticize them either. With several friends present, Asmongold was live-streaming on his second channel. A chatter typed, “Who’s the Mexican?”, offending both of Asmon’s friends and prompting them to ban the chatter. Cody, one of the males on Asmon’s stream, was insulted by one of Asmon’s friends who claimed, “Cody’s a homosexual, not a Mexican.”

“Jeff, can you try not to get me banned?” Asmongold questioned his friend, whom he identified as Jeff, before asserting that “Jeff’s been banned on more platforms than Andrew Tate.”

Despite telling Jeff to stop, Asmon said he just didn’t want to get banned and didn’t condemn the terms Jeff was using. Jeff had allegedly been “banned from TikTok 15 times in a row,” according to Cody, Asmon’s friend to the left. 

He’s still hosting the convicted woman beater on his stream? Yikes, read one comment on the Reddit thread on Cody, which included a link to an archived affadavit about Cody Victor Ramirez Coy. This Cody was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend at the time after it was introduced as evidence in a court action. The commenter alleges that the Cody who is currently streaming and the Cody who is named in the affidavit are the same person, although neither the user nor Asmongold have yet to confirm this.